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A Couple Interesting News Stories


Found a couple interesting Disney stories this week:

1) This one talks about the possibility of a third cruise ship and basically confirms the rumors I have read and I am sure most of you have read over the internet over the past couple of years. Bascially the plans are together to add a third ship when the “cost is right” (meaning the exchange rate) (I bet if the California cruises are as successful as they appear to be a third ship won’t be too far off).

2) New Disney CEO search article.. most that I have found focus on Iger and this one is no different but it does say some outside canidates are starting to look at the selection process as rigged. Also found it interesting that two of the three the article says are for Iger are either himself or Eisner who appointed him to the job in the first place.. seems to me you should be removed from voting for a successor if your in the running to be that person. I don’t know how you can expect that person to be fair and open minded when they have to evaluate themselves.. I would venture to guess most people would vote for themselves…

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