New Disneyland DVD

Hello all,

In the mail this past weekend I received a new DVD… titled Disneyland Resort, Your Guide to the Happiest Celebration on Earth. (You can order your free video at

The DVD has a running time just under 8 minutes. It has no chapters or menus. Its a single play DVD that loops when finished (or at least it did in my player). The first part of the DVD is the commercial that I have seen played at several Disney event, it announces the global celebration and hints at the new additions to Disneyland, WDW, and the other parks world wide. This is a couple minutes long.

Then the DVD goes on to talk about Disneyland and its offerings for the last 5 minutes or so. The footage is a combination of old and new. For example for the Parade of Dreams there is footage of the lead float, Characters from the Parade of the Stars, and I believe the Lion King segment is from the old Lion King Parade actually.

Overall I thought this DVD was ok, but could have been so much more. Guess I am spoiled with the much more advanced WDW DVDs and videos I have gotten over the years. Disneyland has always seemed to lag behind in this area. The packaging on this DVD is very similiar to the current WDW planning DVDs. I was expecting the content to be closer in format and quality too.. but it wasn’t.

Also in the package are two ads. One for the Disney Credit Card (which seems to be present in everything now a days) and then a paper guide to the celebration for Disneyland and WDW. The most interesting part to me is the back cover which has a quote from Walt Disney “Tink, I want you to be a good hostess. Show them everything. Especially the new places.” Which I think is great!

Your thoughts? Anyone else get the DVD and watch it yet?


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