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A couple of links, 50th Thoughts

Hey everyone,

Well Disneyland turns 50 tomorrow, seems as if talk of this day has been going on for years now. So are any of you already in line… we won’t be till at least the sun comes up..

So anyone have any thoughts to share or stories of being at the park on milestone days? I can remember being at the park the last day of the MSEP back in 1996. It was packed. The most people I can ever say I saw there. I remember reading somewhere that the crowd was the second or third largest ever (I forget the other dates).

Only two other memorable days really stick out to me. One was the final day of Circle Vision. We went to the last general public show of the evening and it was kind of a sad passing. I forget the year of this.. it must have been 1996 or early 1997. The other one that sticks out is the closing of the country bears. We couldn’t make the final day but made it down a couple days before closing.

I somehow always seem to hit attraction closing at Disneyland for some reason. I can only remember one opening day, that was just this past March for Buzz Lightyear. Also I was a the park for the first public premiere (non AP night) of Light Magic. That’s all that come to mind as I sit and type today.

A couple interesting links we came across and wanted to share:

OC Register Disneyland Items – A great series of stories by Disneyland’s “hometown” paper.

Disney Gallery Events Page – People always ask if there is anyplace to find out about upcoming events.. here is one site to check.

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