New site features?

Hello everyone,

I really do enjoy reading the feedback from all who take the time to write. I am always looking for ways to improve the site and things to update/change to make the site easier to use and a better resource. We have had requests over the years to add more content, specifically images, to the Park Guide sections.

Today I am beta testing a new concept of a photo gallery type page that will give someone the ability to get a flavor for an attraction or environment at a quick glance. The first one I have put together is for the Kilimanjaro Safari. I went through my photo archive and picked a key image (or two) of each animal that I had a good shot of. Take a look at the gallery linked below and then either post a comment or drop us an email with your thoughts.

Kilmanjaro Safari Photo Gallery

Also we are always looking for other suggestions so feel free to share your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “New site features?

  • I like it! you are truly the King of Disneyland!!

  • Like the idea Jason. The one thing I would like to see is a point and click to enlarge.



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