Disney Store’s new Fragrance Collection

When you hear Disney and fragrances what comes to mind? Is it something from the parks, such as the scents you encounter while Soarin’ Over California or walking down Main Street USA? Or something from one of your favorite films? If someone asked you to give a scent to imagination, magic or pixie dust what comes to mind? The Disney Store is launching a new line of fragrances that do just that. They conjure up a broad range of scents that hopefully lead you to relaxing and refreshing experiences.

The first is titled Imagination and will be available nationwide this month. Imagination is the signature fragrance used throughout the newly designed Disney Store and is described as an enchanted forest of sequoia trees, cool moss and green leaves.

Magic, will be available in July and is described as an unforgettable blend of icy blue mint, rich chocolate and invigorating sea spray, epitomizes the adventure of Disney and all that is Mickey Mouse.

Pixie Dust will be available this fall and is described as a shimmering scent of citrus sorbet, candied fruits and summer rain, is the fragrance inspired by Tinker Bell.

I had the opportunity to check out some of the products in the Imagination line (the hand and body lotion, hand wash, room spray, and scented candle). I have to give a disclaimer that I have no experience with fragrances at all.. so this was an interesting experience for me. Upon opening the boxes and giving them a whiff I have to say the description works. I get the forest scent/feeling from them. I was a little unsure what to expect when I opened the boxes. I was pleased to find that it was not an overpowering smell. I have given the samples to some other geeks who help out on the site and asked for their comments. So far the they too came away with the same general sense, once I get more feedback I will append this post.

Has anyone else out there had a chance to check out these new offerings? If so what do you think???

Some nuts and bolts:
Candle- SRP: $19.50
Room Spray- SRP: $16.50
Lotion and Hand Wash- SRP: $12.50 each

Below are some images from Disney of the new products:

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Imagination products are available as home fragrances, including candles and room scents, in Disney Store locations nationwide in June 2011.
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Magic home fragrances, candles and room scents will launch in stores in July 2011.
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Pixie Dust comes as a range of personal products including Eau de Toilette, Body Mist and Body Lotion, available in all Disney Store locations in Fall 2011. Gift sets with body glitter, a roll on Eau de Toilette and lip gloss will also be available.

Visit the press release for more information.

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