Interesting Links: Google Maps Update & New Star Tours Site


Google Maps has updated their picture set and when you zoom in on the Cars Land work you can get a great look at the progress, the images are a couple of months old but still great to help you figure out what is going on.

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Here is the link to take you to the page

Have you seen/visited the new Star Tours pages on (yeah I said and not the parks), they have made a new site that talks about the attraction in general and then links to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World sites. It has background information, videos, and some activities. Click here to visit the new site

Here is the press release:
New Star Tours Intergalactic Destination Blasts Off on

To celebrate the reopening of the Star Tours attraction at Disneyland and the Walt Disney World Resort, has launched a new online destination that takes intergalactic travelers on an exciting adventure through hyperspace to a galaxy far, far, away! The site features exclusive videos starring Bree Starlighter, Chief Holo-Communications Officer and galactic travel liaison for Star Tours, who gives an inside look at some of the 54 destinations Star Tours guests might experience and the likely characters they’ll encounter on their excursion.

In addition to the videos, some of which are hidden for fans to find, the site features character bios, descriptions of the Star Tours planet destinations and behind-the-scenes footage from the attraction. For intergalactic fun the whole family will enjoy, fans can download exclusive Star Tours crafts, printables, recipes and more, from!

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