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With the 4th of July weekend kicking off today and the Disney parks from coast to coast featuring special fireworks display all weekend long thought it would be an interesting time to discuss our favorite firework shows at the Disney parks.

The fourth of July shows at the Disney parks have always been great show, but what really makes Disney impressive to me is the number of shows they run year round and the quality of those. Seems to me anyone can spend a bunch of money and put on a big show once a year but coming up with a show that runs hundreds of nights (or even 10s of nights for the seasonal shows) a year takes some extra effort. Disney has traditionally been one of the largest users of fireworks in the world.

For the past several years in an effort to disburse the 4th of July crowds both Walt Disney World and Disneyland have been running a version of their 4th of July show the entire holiday weekend, with an extra punch on the 4th itself. I forget when WDW started this but Disneyland started doing it two years ago. Here is a video of the July 3rd showing from last year:
Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in sky (2010 @ Disneyland)

So what is your favorite Disney fireworks show? (for the sake of discussion let’s leave Fantasmic and Luminaria out of this since both are more multimedia than pure fireworks… I am sure many of you DCA fans had Luminaria at the top… I did not think it was that bad and if there would have been a way to do it without the smoke it would have been a decent offering in my book.)

For me this is a hard one to answer… I have so many favorites. Probably my favorite overall/regular show would be Believe in Holiday Magic @ Disneyland. As for a special show the 4th of July one at EPCOT ranks near the top for me I saw it several years ago. I also think the holiday tag on Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is incredible (even though I thought last year they downsized it a bit). Here is a video from this past December of the regular finale then the “Holiday tag” for Illuminations @ EPCOT

Another segment that ranks right up there at the top of my list is the E-Ticket in the sky one from Remember Dreams Come True. I would rate the show higher, but the Wishes segment bothers me, not sure why but I have just never been a fan of that WDW show.

So what’s yours and why??

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