Disneyland’s 56th Event… (Moment)

For those of you who were like me and did not venture to the Disneyland Resort to celebrate Disneyland’s 56th Anniversary there was one scheduled event at 2:30pm in Town Square. This event consisted of quite a few characters coming out and lining Town Square. The dedication speech was played, a traditional Happy Birthday Sing-A-Long followed, then a song was played as the characters headed backstage (along the way they gave out some balloons and high fives it appeared). The event was billed as a moment and that is what it turned out to be. For those of you who attended what did you think?

Here is a video one of our site contributors (the invisiblegeek) took using a cell phone (someday we will get them to use a camera for us!):

This seemed to be about on par with what other “off year” anniversaries have held. In case you missed it last week I posted pictures of several recent ones in the Flashback section.

Last year for the parks 55th they had a couple special events. There was a rededication in the morning, a All American College Band Re-union in the afternoon, Opening Day films in the Cinema, and then a “flash mob”/dance number during the afternoon moment.

Here are some videos from last year that I took (for the stills visit the Flashback section):

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