Videos: Goofy / Cast Members / Did you know?

A quick video round up of some videos released by DisneyParks this week. First is a Goofy short featuring some vacation tips as only Goofy can deliver them. The best part is the style of the film, like all the old Goofy How to Shorts… next up a pair of videos featuring Cast Members. The ongoing series Every Role is a Staring Role from Disneyland looks at a Tram Driver and from Florida Cast Member that really gets into the Dance Party. To wrap up I close out with a Did You know piece that looks at what happens to unused soap/shampoo/etc.. from the hotels at the Disneyland Resort.

Goofy Visits Disneyland in The Art of Vacationing

Every Role a Starring Role – Disneyland Resort Tram Driver

A Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party Dance Lesson at Magic Kingdom Park

Did You Know? Clean the World at the Disneyland Resort

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