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Disney California Adventure Re-Launch Events Summary (June 13-15, 2012)


I had a request for a condensed version of the pictures from the festivities surrounding the opening of Cars Land and Grand Reopening of Disney California Adventure. So in this post I condensed the three days down to under 40 pictures to give a sampling. Be sure to check out my coverage page for links to all the full sections.

Day 1: Wednesday June 13, 2012 —

Grand Californian Park View
We start off with the great view I had from my room at the Grand Californian.
Buena Vista Street
Next up I took a quick walk through the parks. The walls in Carthay Circle were down and I had my first wall free look down Buena Vista Street.
Cars Land Premiere - Red Carpet
The evening started off with Red Carpet arrivals for the Cars Land Premiere
Cars Land Premiere - Red Carpet
Here is John Lasseter and his wife making their way down the carpet.
Cars Land Premiere
There was a Premiere event that took place at the entrance to Route 66 and features talent from the film, Disney executives, singing/dancing, and fireworks.
Cars Land Premiere
A wider shot of part of the finale to the Premiere.
Cars Land Radiator Cap
After the show Cars Land was open for a party. Here is a picture of the Radiator Cap.

Day 2: Thursday, June 14, 2012 —

Cars Land Premiere Party
A picture from the party, here John Lasseter is on Route 66 talking with guests.
Ornament Valley
Day 2 started off with an early morning visit to Cars Land. Here is Ornament Valley as seen from the Pacific Wharf entrance.
Five & Dime Premiere
Headed to Buena Vista Street for the premiere performance of Five & Dime
Red Car News Boys
Followed by the premiere performance of the Red Car News Boys
Red Car News Boys
Mickey’s arrival in Los Angeles is part of the Red Car News Boys.
Buena Vista Street
I then explored the interiors of the stores along Buena Vista Street. Here is a picture from inside Elias & Co.
Goofy on Buena Vista Street
Goofy was out for pictures on Buena Vista Street
Mickey on Buena Vista Street
Mickey was also out for pictures.
Carthay Lounge
The Carthay Circle Lounge was open to explore/photograph, but the dining room was off limits as was the 1901 Lounge.
Radiator Springs Racers
Went for one last ride on the Radiator Springs Racers before they shut down for the evening and before the crowds arrive the next day. Notice how far away the Fun Wheel looks…
Celebrate Buena Vista Street
The evening started off with an event to celebrate Buena Vista Street and then the Mad T Party. Here is a picture of a dance floor/band in front of the Carthay.
Glow with the Show Mouse Ears
The evening was capped off with a performance of World of Color, they provided us Glow with the Show Mouse Ears.
World of Color Featuring Glow with the Show Mouse Ears
World of Color Featuring Glow with the Show Mouse Ears
World of Color - Brave
The show also had the new Brave segment in it.
Another World of Color Picture
One more World of Color picture to end the evening.

Day 3: Friday, June 15, 2012 —

Disney California Adventure Grand Reopening
Friday started off with the Grand Reopening Ceremony for Disney California Adventure
Cars Land March...
Then it was time to open the park to the public. Here are the first guests being walked to Radiator Springs Racers.
Bob Iger taking a picture of Radiator Springs Racers
While taking pictures of the Racers, Bob Iger showed up next to me to take a couple for himself.
The view from the Blue Sky Cellar
The crowds arrived and filled Route 66, here is the view into Cars Land from the Blue Sky Cellar Patio.
George & Tom checking out the view
While at the Blue Sky Cellar Patio I was joined by George Kaligridis and Tom Staggs who stopped by to see the view too.
George & Tom
They agreed to turn around for a picture, so here is the president of Disneyland and chairman of Parks & Resorts.
Mark Panelli and Roger Gould
Mark Panelli and Roger Gould also showed up on the patio. Both are Imagineers. Mark did the neon signs and Roger is Creative Director, Theme Parks Pixar Animation Studios.
Instant Concert... just add water
Goofy debuted a new show on Paradise Bay, Instant Concert… just add water.
Racers Overflow...
Disney was ready for a massive crowd for Cars Land. They had Paradise Park lined for extended queue space if needed. I never saw it in use.. I did the line for the Racers stretch/wrap all the way up to Duffy’s photo location on the Pier though.
Voices of Liberty
The Voices of Liberty official started at Disneyland on 6/15.
2012 All American College Band
The 2012 All American College Band returned to Disneyland on Thursday the 14th. Here is a picture from their Castle set on Friday.
Climbers on the Matterhorn
The Matterhorn also returned to operation on Friday. Climbers will be making regular appearances all summer long.
Happy Hans & His Son
For opening day they had some live entertainment on the mountain to provide music. Here is Happy Hans & His Son playing Its a Small World (there was also an Alpine Horn player that we spotted on another pass by).
Dancin' with Disney
Stage 17 features Dancin’ with Disney on a daily basis throughout the summer at Disney California Adventure. This event also started Friday the 15th..

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