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My MagicBand Round 2 & 3 Experiences… so far

Later this spring I have a trip planned to Walt Disney World. This will be my second MyMagic+ experience and thought I would share the experience so far. I am curious to see how the system has evolved since December and how my take on it may change. In December the largest benefit to me was they still had traditional Fastpasses which in many cases meant little to no wait for me and I ended up over an 8 day visit only using one Fastpass+. This trip there is no traditional Fastpass so it should make for a different experience and they claim the phone app has been upgraded and is more efficient now.

In preparation for this trip I received what can best be described as a MagicBand promotional ad in the mail the other day. The image below show the envelop on top. A card saying visit the website, then a small booklet. One thing is for sure the marketing budget for MagicBands is substantial with the online, TV, print, and direct mailings.

Magic Bands Info

Inside the book they talk about the parks and different aspects of the program. Here is a sample page showing the MyDisneyExperience app and website.

Magic Bands Info

There were also reminders to go and customize your MagicBands and explanations on how to use them.

Magic Bands Info

At the 60 day mark I visited myDisneyExperience to customize the MagicBands for the upcoming trip.This time was much smoother than the last. I was quickly able to add three of us that went last trip and then two new guests that will be traveling with us. Within a couple minutes we were all linked, bands customized, and hopefully set. Looks like it linked my annual pass and all is good to go. So that is progress. Let’s see how the rest of the trip goes.

I did find one limitation of the myDisneyExperience system. It currently does not track recreation reservations. Dining, Resort, Fastpass+ no problem. But no golf or fishing… yet. Assuming that is coming someday. Also assuming no tours yet based on what I saw clicking around.

**** MagicBand Round 3 ****

Yesterday I received an email that said my Annual Pass is now eligible for a MagicBand. So I visited the myDisneyExperience site and the link was there and active to complete a new order for a MagicBand with the annual passholder affiliation. So I went ahead and ordered one. Curious to see how this all works since I will have this one incoming and soon will have my other one for the spring trip coming. The ordering process was once again smooth and within a couple minutes had the options selected and the band will be on its way soon.

2 thoughts on “My MagicBand Round 2 & 3 Experiences… so far

  • We are FP pros as well—these bands are going to limit experienced Disney folks tremendously—with getting FP’s & park hopping. I also don’t like planning so much! Knowing what park to go to on which day, along with booking sit down meals is about as much planning as I can stand. Booking rides 60 days out is ridiculous! I can see how it may benefit inexperienced guests, but not the people who visit often. I’m disappointed that Disney doesn’t give DVC members &/or annual passholders some kind of FP perk. Its seems Disney would benefit those of us who have spent 50k+ (as well as a DVC membership) at their parks over the past several years a bit more than those who go once or twice in their lifetime. My family’s next trip is within 30 days, so I’m about to experience the “Magic” bands up close & personal. I really don’t think our trip is going to be as fun as usual. Even during really busy times we have no problem getting more than 3 FP’s! GEEEEEZ! I’ll get off my soap box now….
    I’m a big fan of your blog too!

  • Really looking forward to your take on this. Almost not sure about them. We are FP pros and even with small children could pull as many as 7 FP a day. We also are fans of park hopping and this just does not seem to promote it. Have a great trip, I really enjoy your notes and blog.



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