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Real Grandparents Sing Frozen’s Love Is An Open Door (Disney Video)

Happy Valentine’s Day my Disney friends! We all know and love Anna and Hans singing “Love is an Open Door” in Frozen. But this version by real-life grandparents will just melt your heart away!

The music video is absolutely adorable. Barbara and Wes have been married for over 54 years! You can just see the love in their eyes when they look at each other. Learn more about this dynamic duo as they talk about their life together and share their relationship tips in the video below.

Hope these videos brought a smile to your face. Have an amazing and Happy Valentine’s Day!

daynahAbout the Author:
Daynah is a mother of one who’s passionate about technology and the web. She enjoys blogging about motherhood and crafty Disney projects, as well as browsing Pinterest. You can find her at latest crafts at Scrapp’n and join her motherhood journey at You can also follow her on Twitter.


About the Author: Daynah loves everything about technology and Disney. She enjoys blogging about her adventures of raising two kids as well as spend a lot of time browsing pretty things on Pinterest. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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