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Disney Descendants Dolls from Hasbro (Information & Daynah’s First Impressions)

Descendants Doll - Ben and MalA new generation of Disney heroes and villains have arrived! If you watched Disney Descendants then you are familiar with the characters from the Kingdom of Auradon and the Isle of the Lost. Continue the magical adventures by bringing home your favorite Disney Descendants signature doll.

These spellbinding dolls are now available at most major toy retailers nationwide and at the Hasbro Toy Shop. Due to small parts, the dolls are recommended for children 6 and up. Each doll stands about 11″ tall and comes dressed in their own charming signature outfits inspired by the movie. Each doll also comes with accessories too. You can choose from duo sets or separate dolls.


The new Disney Descendants dolls made by Hasbro are very high quality. The painted makeup on the faces is not overdone. The best features of the dolls are their trendy and stylish outfits that you can remove and put back on again. The articulation in the female dolls’ bodies enables you to pose them in various positions. They have articulated wrists, elbows, shoulders, necks, legs, and knees so you can bend them easily. The males dolls have molded hands and wrists which makes them less flexible. Even though they may be flexible and easy to pose, they do not stand up on their own very well. You can lean them against something to help them stand though. Also, the female dolls and Jay have rooted hair, while Ben and Carlos have molded hair. Except for the shoes, I find the rest of the accessories that come with the doll not that appealing because they are so small and easy to lose. For example, Jane’s bracelet is very difficult to put on her wrist. I had trouble putting it on, so I can only imagine how a 6-year-old will use them. The shoes however are a good size and very easy to put on and take off. Plus, they actually stay on the dolls feet unlike some of the other Disney dolls. Believe me, when you spend an hour or two looking for Anna and Elsa’s shoes, you will appreciate this feature. My 3 and a half year old daughter plays with these dolls and absolutely loves them because of their colorful and beautiful outfits. I just put away all the accessories since she does not need them.

The packaging of these dolls look magnificent. Each box comes in hues of purple and black with the Disney Descendants label visible at the bottom. Within the box you will find a logo represents the family background of each doll. For example, in the Ben and Mal sets, you will find an image of the Beast with a crown (his father) and an image of two dragons (symbolizing Maleficent). I love the attention to these little details that helps continue magical adventures long after you have seen the movie.

If you enjoy collecting dolls or know someone who does, I would recommend these ones to recreate a fairy tale adventure scene.


Duo Doll Sets

Some signature dolls are available in duo sets. These assortments come with two dolls in removable and stylish outfits. There are four different duo sets:

  • Ben and Mal (in her party dress)
    The duo set comes in outfits inspired from the coronation after party! Mal is adored with a purple party dress that she wore when she danced to “Set it off.” Mal has awesome hair, so it is only appropriate that her doll does too. Accessories in this set includes two pairs of shoes, a rose, and a crown. The rose and crown do not stay well on Ben, so I suggest leaving on the rubber bands if you want Ben to hold his accessories.
  • Ben and Mal Coronation Dress (Disney Store Exclusive)
    You can only find this as a set at the Disney Store. You can also just purchase Mal in her Coronation dress as a separate doll at most major toy retailers.
  • Evie and Carlos (in their Isle of the Lost outfits)
    They definitely look rotten to the core yet fashionably cool in this set.
  • Mal Isle of the Lost & Maleficent Dolls (Toys R Us Exclusive – Available in Sept 2015)

    This set looks magnificent. It is also the only set that has Maleficent as a collectable doll. You can pre-order this on Toys R Us’ website, but it will not be available until late September.

The female dolls in these sets all have rooted hair. Mal has her signature purple hair while Evie has her blueberry princess hair. The male dolls in these sets on the other hand have molded hair. Ben’s hair is brown with light brown highlights while Carlos has blonde with brown highlights.

Auradon Kids Signature Outfit Doll Assortments

Descendants DollsThe Auradon Kids Signature Outfit Doll Assortments include the descendants of the Disney’s Heroes wearing their own charming signature look from the movie. These dolls include Audrey (Sleeping Beauty’s daughter), Jane (Fairy Godmother’s daughter), and Lonnie (Mulan’s daughter). Each doll comes with rooted hair, a stylist outfit, iconic locket, and a sticker. Each one is sold separately.

Villain Descendants Signature Doll Assortments

The Villain Descendants Signature Doll Assortments include descendants of Disney’s villains wearing their signature outfits when we first meet them on the Isle of the Lost. These dolls include Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay. Carlos and Jay are both Disney Store Exclusives.

Descendants Coronation Doll Assortments

The dolls are also available decked out in their beautiful Coronation outfits. The outfits on these dolls are full-length ballgowns and are more intricate than the other assortments. I cannot imagine any doll lover not wanting one of these. You can find Evie, Mal, Audrey, Jane, and Lonnie in their lovely Coronation dresses.

Exclusive Doll Sets

These doll sets are Disney Store Exclusives. You can purchase them online or at a Disney Store.

  • Mal Doll – She is in her preppy punk outfit.
  • Jay Doll – He is wearing one of his school outfits, but is missing his signature beanie!
  • Carlos Doll – In his Isle of the Lost outfit.
  • Ben and Mal – Mal is in her lovely Coronation dress.

This dual doll set is only available at Toys R Us. You may pre-order now, or purchase in store in late September.

  • Mal Isle of the Lost & Maleficent Dolls

Disney's Descendants Dolls from Hasbro


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