Disneyland Paris

Paris Trip Log – Day 2 – Disneyland Paris


A trip log from Monday September 28, 2015 @ Disneyland Paris.

Started off the morning with my eyes popping wide open way too early. It was around 5am local time. Not quite sure why that happened. Decided to check some emails and write up my thoughts from Day 1 then went to roam around the hotel just before 7am. At 7am the breakfast started in the Golden Forest Lounge so I made my way there and had the place to myself for 10-15 minutes. The rest of my group joined me closer to 8am. I went up to the room and prepared for the day. Then we all headed out around 9am. First stop the RER station to purchase our rail ticket for the week and then we headed for Disneyland Park since it was the only one open. Stopped by City Hall and made a lunch reservation for Walt’s then wandered up Main Street USA and into Discoveryland. Walked onto Buzz Lightyear and then strolled through the Nautilus walkthrough. Next up Star Tours and then we walked around Sleeping Beauty Castle and into Fantasyland near Small World. Stopped for a spin on the Tea Cups since it was a walk on. Then continued through Fantasyland and into Adventureland. Went for a cruise on Pirates of the Caribbean and then walked back toward the hub. Stopped by Sleeping Beauty Castle to check out the dragon that lurks below and then went up to the second floor for a quick look around. . Made our way onto Main Street and headed for Walt’s. After lunch spent sometime in Frontierland and paid a visit to Phantom Manor. Walked through some stores then out to the BBQ and Cotton Wood Ranch area which was mostly closed. Ate a snack there and then spent some time roaming around Adventure Isle. Stopped by Le Passage Enchante Aladdin on my way back to Main Street. Ended up going back up to the 2nd floor of Sleeping Beauty Castle and then out to Alice’s Curious Labyrinth then visited Pinocchio before heading back to the hub to catch the 5:30pm parade. After the parade decided to go try to get a bite to eat which turned out to be a mess. Belle Notte was closed.. then Toad Hall.. then stopped by their Village Haus and it was crazy and nothing we really wanted as part of the meal plan. Ended up in Tomorrowland and Toy Story Pizza was closed so ate a Jedi burger at Café Hyperion since it was one of the few places open and we did not want to walk any further. After eating walked the shops of Main Street USA and then explored the Discovery Arcade before finding a spot for Disney Dreams. After the show made my way back to the hotel to call it a night.

Daily Stats

Pedometer Readings:

  • Steps – 26,450
  • Miles – 10.0
  • Moderate Steps – 14,851
  • Moderate Minutes – 139

"Tweets" from the day featuring pictures as I walked around

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