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Disney Tomorrowland Now On Blu-Ray/DVD/DisneyMoviesAnywhere (Jason’s 1st Impressions)

Tomorrowland blu rayDisney Tomorrowland is now on home video including Blu-ray, DVD, and DisneyMoviesAnyWhere. I received the combo pack and ended up watching the Blu-ray and then switched to DisneyMoviesAnyWhere for much of the bonus material. I did this because it just seems quicker to access digitally and there are some online exclusives, a couple of deleted scenes and an extra production diary. The digital version is lacking the sneak peeks though, so if you want to see the Star Wars Trailer or any of the others you have to watch the disc or go find them elsewhere. There is an ok assortment of bonus material on this disc. Being the disneygeek that I am I thought the piece on scoring A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow with Richard Sherman was interesting. I also really enjoyed the production diaries, especially the NASA parts. I would have liked to have seen one about the Disneyland time. There was a featurette on the casting for the film that I also found interesting talking about the various actors/actresses and why they were chosen.

This was also my first time viewing the film. I had wanted to see it in Theaters and due to timing and it disappearing quickly I never quite made it. I had done a little reading on the film during the production and was confused by the marketing campaign for it. In the end though I was entertained and found the premise interesting to explore. A place where dreamers/optimists could come together to create a better tomorrow. The packaging uses a phrase many disneygeeks know… a place where if you can dream it, you can do it. This is an action/adventure drama with a little comedy and sci-fi intermixed.

The film pays homage to its namesake in subtle ways including transportation options, jet packs, robots, and even the Carousel of Progress in one of the deleted scenes. It is almost more of Walt’s progress city or epcot than Tomorrowland. The World’s Fair plays a pivotal role and there are some interesting Disney touches there.. Including the scene that features it’s a Small World that was partially filmed at Disneyland.

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