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Hong Kong Disneyland Revisited – Parades & Shows

Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street USA - Flights of Fantasy Parade
Hong Kong Disneyland – Main Street USA – Flights of Fantasy Parade

Last Spring I was able to visit Hong Kong Disneyland.  As with any Disney park live entertainment is a key component to your visit.  The Hong Kong Park featured two parades and two stage productions during my visit.

Dedicated picture/video sets:

  • Flights of Fantasy Parade – This is the daytime parade that premiered in 2011 as part of the park’s 5th anniversary celebration.  It ran once per day during our visit and includes two parade stops.  The soundtrack reminded me of Disneyland’s Sou
  • Festival of the Lion King – A theater in the round much like it’s cousin at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando and it celebrates the film in an energetic production.  Most of the dialog and songs are in English but there is a Chinese set of Monkeys to translate for some that take part in the show.

Here are two posts to round out the entertainment, both of these were done while on my trip as blog posts:

  • Paint the Night Parade – This night time parade premiered in September 2014 and a version of it premiered in May 2015 at Disneyland.  The Hong Kong version features two show stops, a couple less floats than the Disneyland version and some different performers.  Also interesting to note are the jumps between Chinese and English in the soundtracks.
  • The Golden Mickeys – This stage production ran from September 2005 through July 2015 so I saw it right at the end of its run.  For those of you familiar with the Disney Cruise Line productions of the same name the concept is the same.  The difference here is almost all of the dialog is in Chinese, the songs are not.


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