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Today received my 1st annual pass since 2000 with block out dates


With the recent price increases and uncertainty of my next Walt Disney World trip and the number of trips in the coming year I opted to renew at the Disneyland signature level this year.  That means this is the first time in 16 years I need to start paying attention to block out dates.   A signature pass renewal cost $800 this year.  Where as the premier pass would have been $1485.  So the nearly $700 difference means I need at least two weeks in Orlando to make it worthwhile financially.

Interesting to note that the downgrade process from premier to a Disneyland pass is a bit “unclear”.  For regular Disneyland pass renewals they just update your information in the computer, no new pass is issued.  So it is a simplified process.  But coming from a Premier pass means a new Disneyland only pass needs to be issued.    If you opt to renew online they mail you the new pass.  There was no will call option.  The email confirmation said it would take a week and a half to ship.  I immediately emailed Disneyland on Sunday when I renewed because I was planning a trip the end of the week.  Come Wednesday I still had not heard anything so I called.  A cast member informed me they no longer mail passes and I need to stop at the box office to pick up my new pass.  This was perfect, but contradicted the order process.   Then Thursday in the mail my new pass showed up.   Thursday evening I received an email reply stating the same as I was told on the phone that I needed to pick it up when I got there.   So it seems guest relations and ticket processing are not on the same page.  Good news is the turn around is quick I renewed Sunday and the new one showed up Thursday.

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