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Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming Game for Mobile

Finding Dory Game

Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming IconJourney with Dory and be part of her story in the new mobile app, “Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming.” Inspired by Disney’s upcoming movie, this app will take you on an adventure with Dory to find her family, at least the way she “remembered” it! Swim through levels, collecting as many bubbles as you can to advance to the next level. But watch out for fishes and other sea obstacles that could get in your way and knock out some of your bubbles!

In each level, Dory narrates the things that happened to her as how she remembered it. There are 13 levels in all. 11 levels are currently available. The final two levels will be available with the release of the movie on June 16th.

Game Overview

My 4-year-old daughter loves the game because of all the storytelling and the silly things Dory say throughout the game. However, she did not want to play the game herself because she thinks it is difficult for her. Instead, she watched me play it and laughed along the way.

The colors and graphics are beautiful, as you would expect from Disney. The storytelling is a lot of fun and you get the gist of what the movie is about just from the game. Each level gets slightly difficult, but it is not too bad. The game is made more for 6 – 10 year olds to play.

I was able to finish the game in about 30 minutes. I look forward to finishing the last two levels once the movie is released. For me, this game does lack replayability because once you know the story, there is no reason to keep on swimming through the game.

Overall, it is a well-done game that is great for young kids and anyone who is a fan of Finding Dory and all of Nemo’s ocean friends.



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