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​Disneyland Star Wars Construction Check (7/8)

This post has a quick check of the Star Wars preparations at Disneyland taken with my cell phone. For more pictures visit my full picture sets and/or our construction progress section.

On Monday July 11 Disneyland released a new piece of concept art for the Star Wars themed Land

A check of the site from the Mickey and Friends parking structure.  Starting off with some shaky video of the site:



20160708 131328 wm 1

A look across the site starting on the left and working to the right.20160708 130138 wm 1

A large wall is taking shape on the far side.  The concrete footer for it is done and rebar for the vertical section is being installed.
20160708 130534 wm

The mound in the distance used to hold the Skyway building.  In the foreground utility work is underway

20160708 130539 wm

Another wall is taking shape in the middle of the site, along the former Big Thunder Trail.

20160708 130541 wm

A smaller structure taking shape near the river, guessing a utility or pump building.

20160708 130544 wm

20160708 130547 wm 1

The far side near Critter Country

20160708 130550 wm

A second fence along Disneyland Drive is being added, much higher than the original.

20160708 130626 wm

A closer look.  Wonder if that means the trees and lower fence will be removed that used to be the visual barrier, giving a little more room backstage.

20160708 130632 wm

20160708 130810 wm

Pipes waiting to be installed.

20160708 130818 wm

20160708 130824 wm

A closer look at the center of the previous picture showing the new wall in the back and pipe/conduit work in the foreground.  Better pics in the full set with the telephoto.

20160708 130824 1 wm

20160708 131315 1 wm

Moving into the park. From the Big Thunder Trail you can see the new wall taking shape.  It is along the trail.

20160708 155212 wm

Looking through the fence.

20160708 155339 wm

For a sense of scale, here is someone walking by.

20160708 155330 wm

20160708 155419 wm

Most of the structures on the island have scaffolding up, even the tree house.

20160708 162655 wm

From Critter Country

20160708 163310 wm

20160708 163320 wm

20160708 163330 wm

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