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USC Band Performing Disneyland Today (Pictures & Video)

This afternoon the Spirit of Troy the University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band performed in Town Square at Disneyland as part of their Rose Bowl festivities.  Always great when two of my favorite things collide (Disneyland & USC).    FightOn!

Several video clips from their performance/rally:

Here are some cell phone pictures from the performance.  For SLR & more pictures be sure to visit my full Disneyland picture set.

The band arriving in Town Square

20161230 145554 wm

USC Song Girls waiting for the band to get into position

20161230 145643 wm

Ready to start the rally

20161230 145732 wm

20161230 145838 wm

20161230 150056 wm 1

20161230 150403 wm

20161230 150430 wm

20161230 150310 wm

20161230 150833 wm

20161230 150925 wm

After their set they marched the parade route.

20161230 151238 wm

20161230 151335 wm

20161230 151344 wm

For more pictures be sure to visit the full Disneyland Picture Set

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