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More of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! Facade Revealed (several pictures)

Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout is scheduled to open on May 27th.  This week some scaffolding and the wrap are removed revealing a better view of the new look.  Below are some cell phone pictures.  Be sure to visit our full Disneyland Picture set for a closer look with an SLR camera.

20170317 133838 richtonehdr wm

20170317 155421 wm

20170317 155445 wm

20170317 155449 wm

20170317 155455 wm

20170317 155633 wm

20170317 155639 wm

20170317 155641 wm

20170317 155654 wm

20170317 163854 wm

20170317 163851 wm


If you would like to see more detailed pictures be sure to visit my Full Disneyland Picture Set that features shots taken with a longer lens.

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