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Dream by Matthew Cordell – Daynah’s Review

dream matthew cordell
Infinitely possibilities comes when a new life is born. As a gorilla family delights in their baby, they dream of everything he will encounter and who he will become.

Dream” is a companion to Matthew Cordell’s “Wish.” This picture book picks up a new animal family who are celebrating their young one as they imagine what the future holds for him.


Dream is a book you want to read to your little ones to express how you felt when they entered your world. It is written emotions of how they have changed your world, and all the dreams and aspirations you have set aside for them. The writing is very sweet and my daughter smiled as I read the words.

I think this is a great book that helps put together those hard-to-describe feelings into sweet words. We love this book, especially read right before bedtime to start those sweet dreams at night.

Daughter’s Reaction

My 5-year-old daughter enjoyed the story, especially when I told her how much she symbolizes the baby. The part she did not like too much was about sadness that the baby will experience, and how the baby grows up and moves away. She apparently is not ready to leave the nest yet.


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