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Tokyo Disney Resort 2017 Halloween Events (Full Press Release)

Disney’s Halloween
September 8 – October 31, 2017

URAYASU, CHIBA—The special event, “Disney’s Halloween,” will take place at Tokyo Disneyland® and Tokyo DisneySea® Parks from September 8 through October 31, 2017. During this special event period, Guests can also enjoy the Halloween atmosphere at the Disney Hotels and on the Disney Resort Line. This Disney-style Halloween event will provide families and friends even more enjoyment and fun at Tokyo Disney Resort®.

This will be the 20th year that “Disney’s Halloween” has been held at Tokyo Disney Resort, and for the first time both Parks will allow Guests of all ages to dress up as Disney Characters on any day during the special event period. Guests will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Disney even more as they get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up with simple character touches or going all the way with full character costumes*.

The special event at Tokyo Disneyland Park will again be themed to a Halloween music festival. Mickey Mouse and his Disney Friends join ghost and skeleton “stars” in entertaining Guests with a variety of amusing and exciting musical performances in “Halloween Pop’n LIVE” presented along the parade route. Besides new music this year, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and their friends will wear new costumes. Also, an MC will appear for the first time to take the excitement to a higher level. To increase the sense of being a part of the festival, the Park will offer special merchandise such as a “music festival” towel that Guests can wave together with the Disney Friends, the dancers and other Cast Members. And enhancing the sensation will be special food items that are easy to enjoy while walking around the Park. In addition to the photo locations of the Disney Friends performing for the music festival, jack-o’-lanterns, ghosts and other Halloween decorations around the Park will create a special ambience that can only be experienced at Tokyo Disneyland.

Halloween Pop'n LIVE" at Tokyo Disneyland (Photo from 2016)
Halloween Pop’n LIVE” at Tokyo Disneyland (Photo from 2016)

Tokyo DisneySea Park will present a cool, but eerie Halloween event themed to the Disney Villains**. The Park will be transformed with an eerie atmosphere as the Disney Villains, together with Mickey Mouse and his Disney friends, host a cool Halloween party. Presented at Mediterranean Harbor will be “The Villains World.” In this show, the Disney Villains take the leading roles and they put on their best performances to attract and impress the

Disney Friends and Guests. Dressed in costumes inspired by the Disney Villains, Mickey Mouse, his friends and all the Guests join the party and raise the level of Halloween excitement. In the grand finale, Maleficent releases her magical powers at the greatest level ever for an impressive conclusion to the party. Guests will find new special merchandise and special menu items themed to the Disney Villains. And

decorations in certain areas of the Park with feature the Disney Villains to create a cool, but eerie atmosphere well-suited to Halloween at Tokyo DisneySea.

*Please include the following when referring to wearing costumes in Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea: For details on the restrictions for visiting Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea in full Disney character costumes, please check the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website (Japanese language only) or contact the Tokyo Disney Resort Information Center.

** “Disney Villains” refers to the villain characters who appear in Disney films.

Tokyo Disneyland Special Event “Disney’s Halloween”

Entertainment Program

"Halloween Pop'n LIVE" at Tokyo Disneyland (Photo from 2016
“Halloween Pop’n LIVE” at Tokyo Disneyland (Photo from 2016

Halloween Pop’n LIVE

Location: Parade Route
Duration: About 45 minutes
Performances: 2 daily
Number of Performers: About 95
Number of Floats: 6

Back again this year with brand new music, the “Halloween Pop’n LIVE” parade is themed to a music festival. The Disney Friends invite all the Guests to join in the excitement as a wide variety of music performances are presented in a Halloween atmosphere.

Wearing new costumes, the Disney Friends together with the ghosts and skeletons who are entertainment “stars” have come to give Guests a fun time in the spooky Halloween atmosphere of the parade route. Goofy, the parade’s promoter, enters at the head of the parade, while the Disney Friends, dressed up as jack-o’-lanterns, witches and other Halloween characters, follow with the “stars” of Halloween. They all show off their dancing and other musical performances.

The parade stops in seven locations and the floats each present a different genre of music, including club, pop, jazz, rock and Latin, for a unique Halloween-style performance. Some floats will feature an MC raising the level of excitement even more. Guests can join in dancing and clapping to the cheerful rhythms as the music festival reaches its high point. Guests are sure to have a fun time together with the Disney Friends.

Description of Parade Units

Unit Theme Participating Disney Characters
1 A super cool club performance with Mickey, his pals, and bats Mickey Mouse*, Max*
2 Cute pops performance with the Three Little Pigs and singing mummy idols The Three Little Pigs (Fifer Pig, Fiddler Pig, Practical Pig)
3 Humorous jazz performance with Chip ‘n Dale and skeletons Chip, Dale, Pluto
4 Funny Latin music performance with Donald Duck using musical instruments made of pumpkins Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey, Louie
5 Wildly fun rock performance by a black cat band led by Stitch Stitch, Angel
6 A mysterious but gorgeous chorus performance with Minnie, her friends, and witches Minnie Mouse*, Daisy Duck*, Clarice*

*Appearing in new costumes

Other Entertainment

The following show and atmosphere entertainment around the Park will be presented in special versions during the Halloween event period.

Atmosphere Entertainment Venue*
Tokyo Disneyland Band World Bazaar / Plaza Terrace
Bicycle Piano
Wild West Chance Westernland
Roundup & Play
Opus Five Tomorrowland
Fun Maintenance Parade Route
Welcome Flower Band Inside the Park Entrance
Zip ’n’Zoom Guided Tours

*The actual location of the atmosphere entertainment varies depending on the performance.
Note: Entertainment programs are subject to change or cancellation due to weather conditions, etc.


At Westernland Shootin’ Gallery, when Guests successfully hit ten targets, they will win a limited-period Goofy sheriff badge, themed to the Halloween Fair.

The Fantasyland attraction Haunted Mansion will be transformed from September 2, 2017 through January 3, 2018 to reflect the film Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, for the special program Haunted Mansion “Holiday Nightmare.”

Tokyo DisneySea Special Event “Disney’s Halloween”

"The Villains World" at Tokyo DisneySea (Photo from 2016)
“The Villains World” at Tokyo DisneySea (Photo from 2016)

Entertainment Programs

The Villains World
Location: Mediterranean Harbor
Duration: About 25 minutes
Performances: 3 daily
Number of Performers: About 120
Number of barges: 5

A Halloween party hosted by the Disney Villains is back again this year at Mediterranean Harbor. Invited by the villains, Mickey Mouse and the Disney Friends decide to attend the party in costumes themed to the Disney Villains. As an eerie narration is heard announcing the start of the Halloween party, five barges with the Disney Villains arrive at Mediterranean Harbor. Maleficent introduces the Disney Friends who are special guests, and then powerfully proclaims the opening of the Halloween party. The Villains show off their unique attributes in an impressive performance and are joined by the Disney Friends. Impressed by the villains’ Halloween party, Mickey Mouse suggests a dance that everyone can participate in to express appreciation for the villains. As everyone dances together to the music, Maleficent uses her magical power to heighten the excitement of the party for a glorious finale.

The five barges carrying the Disney Villains and the Disney Friends:

Barge Disney Villains Disney film that the Disney Villains appear in Invited Disney Friends
1 The Queen Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Minnie Mouse
2 Captain Hook Mr. Smee Peter Pan Mickey Mouse Pluto
3 Hades Pain, Panic Hercules Donald Duck Chip, Dale
4 Jafar Aladdin Goofy
5 Maleficent Sleeping Beauty Clarice
Ursula The Little Mermaid Daisy Duck

Description of the six major Disney Villains in the show in order of their appearance (Disney film titles shown in parentheses): The Queen (from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs): The beautiful queen who changes into a witch to give Snow White a poison apple. Captain Hook (from Peter Pan): Peter Pan’s sworn enemy, the notorious hook-handed captain of a pirate ship. Hades (from Hercules): The cool-headed Lord of the Underworld with ambitions to become the ruler of Olympus. Jafar (from Aladdin): The royal vizier who wields a magic staff and plots to take over as sultan of Agrabah. Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty): The powerful, evil fairy who put a curse on Princess Aurora and can transform into a dragon. Ursula (from The Little Mermaid): The sea witch who wants to usurp King Triton’s position.

Villains Halloween Party (Waterfront Park)
Guests can enjoy this program themed to a Disney Villains Halloween party in the New York area of American Waterfront. Waterfront Park will feature Halloween decorations, as well as recruiters working for the Disney Villains who approach Guests to show how wonderful the Villains are. Other loyal servants of the Disney Villains will check what the Guests are wearing and give them advice so that the Guests can dress themselves in a proper villain’s way.

Special Program
Casbah Magical Treat (Arabian Coast) Shaban and his assistant Asim from the Magic Lamp Theater attraction are joined by servants of Jafar as they entertain Guests with various feats of magic at Casbah Food Court, which has been decorated with motifs inspired by Jafar. And in the palace courtyard, Shaban and Asim from The

Magic Lamp Theater, a suspicious-looking practitioner of black magic and some of the best magicians from Arabian Coast have a competition over magic. Guests are sure to enjoy this magical atmosphere entertainment.

Night High Halloween

Spectacular fireworks will go up at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, to music
inspired by Halloween.
Note: Entertainment programs are subject to change or cancellation due to weather conditions, etc.

Regarding Costumes and Admission at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

This will be the 20th year that “Disney’s Halloween” has been held, and for the first time both Parks will allow Guests of all ages to dress up as Disney Characters on any day during the special event period. Guests will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Disney even more as they get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up with simple character touches or going all the way with full character costumes.

For the safety of everyone concerned, Guests in costume may not be allowed to ride some attractions.

When mentioning that Guests can enter the Park in costume, please include the information in the box below, or include the following note: “For details on the restrictions for visiting Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo

DisneySea in full Disney Character costumes, please check the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website (Japanese language only) or contact the Tokyo Disney Resort Information Center.”

  • Guests in costumes other than Disney Character costumes will not be admitted.
  • Entering the Park in full Disney Character costume is allowed only during the designated days mentioned above (children ages 11 and younger excepted).
  • Guests are asked to refrain from wearing costumes that cover their face (including costume make-up, fake scars or injuries and beards), that include sharp, long or dangerous objects or parts, that make it difficult to walk or that are overly revealing.
  • Guests may not wear Tokyo Disney Resort Cast Member costumes.
  • Guests are asked to refrain from using the restrooms, wheelchair-accessible restrooms, or storage locker areas both inside and outside the Park for changing clothes.
  • Guests may be required to take off parts of their costume during shows if they block other people’s view.
  • Guests may not be allowed to enter the Park if their costume does not follow the above or goes against safety or theme policy.
  • Special web page regarding wearing Halloween costumes (in Japanese only)

At Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

Special Merchandise

At Tokyo Disneyland, about 35 different types of special merchandise will be offered to go with the “Halloween Pop’n LIVE” parade. Some items have cute motifs based on the parade floats, while others have a cool, rockin’design. Again this year, Guests can join the Disney Friends, the parade dancers and other Cast Members by waving towels or wearing wristbands and other items that can be used to enjoy the fun of the “music festival.”

At Tokyo DisneySea, Guests will find about 35 different types of items designed with the Disney Villains from the show, “The Villains World.”Also available will be 8 different types of merchandise showing Duffy and his friends, including their newest friend StellaLou, dressed in costumes themed to Halloween confections.

Available at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea will be about 45 different types of merchandise including items with designs of Mickey Mouse and his friends wearing sheets to look like ghosts and big, pop designs of pumpkins.

Note: Special merchandise will be available from September 1. Duffy-related merchandise will go on sale from September 4.

Special Menus

At Tokyo Disneyland, new fun and easy to eat menu items will add to the ambience of the Halloween music festival. Guests will find a pumpkin and purple sweet potato pizza at Captain Hook’s Galley and an eye-catching menu item perfect for eating on the go at The Gazebo. In addition, the popular Halloween special set featuring a jack-o’-lantern design will be available again this year at Plaza Pavilion Restaurant.

At Tokyo DisneySea, special set meals incorporating motifs inspired by the Disney Villains will be offered. Casbah Food Court will serve a special set that comes with a dessert reflecting the colors of Jafar’s costume. Guests can also choose a lassi drink that comes in two intriguing colors. To be served at Nautilus Galley for the first time are black-and-red Gyoza Sausage Buns with a design inspired by the Queen of Hearts. And at Seaside Snacks, the popular Ursula-inspired Special Ukiwa Bun (spicy shrimp and pork) will be sold again this year.

At both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, Guests will find Mini Snack Cases that are only available during the Halloween special event.

Note: Special menus will be available from September 1.


Tokyo Disneyland will have decorations showing the Disney Friends and the cheerful ghosts as entertainment stars putting on a musical performance. In the center and along the streets of World Bazaar, cobwebs, ghosts, huge jack-o’-lanterns and other Halloween decorations will be set up, enhancing the Halloween mood even more. Again this year, Westernland, Fantasyland and Toontown will be decorated with pumpkins, ghosts and more for a lively and cheerful atmosphere. And after dark, Cinderella Castle and its surroundings will be lit up to enhance the Halloween atmosphere.

At Tokyo DisneySea, Guests will find decorations themed to a cool and eerie Halloween with the Disney Villains. Inside the Park Entrance, Guests will feel that they are entering the world of the villains who have gained even more power. This year, at Water Street in American Waterfront, Guests will find decorations with the motif of the briars summoned by Maleficent. Decorations in Mediterranean Harbor and American Waterfront will be based on the Disney Villains and create a mysterious atmosphere, while over in Arabian Coast, decorations with motifs of Jafar can be found again this year.

Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package

Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package* will offer package plans that include Disney hotel accommodations, special viewing area tickets for Halloween entertainment programs at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, and Disney FASTPASS® tickets which allow access at any time to select attractions with a minimal wait. The various package plans will allow Guests to take full advantage of all the fun of the Halloween programs being held at the two Parks.

Note: Please visit the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservation and Tickets website at for more details on Halloween package plans (in Japanese only).

Halloween at Other Facilities within Tokyo Disney Resort

Disney Hotels

The restaurants and lounges at the three Disney Hotels will offer special menus tied in with the special event “Disney’s Halloween” at the Parks. At the Disney Ambassador® Hotel and the Tokyo Disneyland® Hotel, Guests will be able to partake of dishes inspired by the Halloween Music Festival at Tokyo Disneyland that let them enjoy the flavors of autumn. And the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta® will offer dishes inspired by the Disney Villains’“cool, but eerie Halloween” at Tokyo DisneySea.

Disney Resort Line

Limited-period day passes for the Disney Resort Line monorails will be available in two different designs featuring “Disney’s Halloween” at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. All four Disney Resort Line stations will be decorated with Halloween motifs to welcome Guests.


Ikspiari will be hosting the event “Ikspiari Halloween Town” from September 8 through October 31, 2017. Again this year, an oversized jack-o’-lantern will be set up in Celebration Plaza together with a variety of other decorations throughout the “town.” Children and grown-ups can also enjoy various events as well as take part in limited-period workshops. Shops and restaurants will offer items with

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