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Washington D.C. – Library of Congress Pictures

This week I am spending a few days touring Washington D.C. I know it is not Disney but I thought some may be interested so here are some cell-phone pictures from my trip.  To see all of my posts visit my 2017 Washington D.C. Summary Page.  This set features a look at the Library of Congress.

The Exterior of the Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building. This was taken as I walked to the Capitol in the morning
After spending the morning touring the U.S. Capitol I took a tunnel/walkway from the visitor center to the Library of Congress which is across the street. Two advantages to the tunnel. It is air conditioned and no need to go through security again.
The Great Hall in the Library of Congress.

A Gutenberg Bible on display on the first floor.

The Librarian’s Ceremonial Office

A look around the Mezzanine Level

An overlook in the main reading room.
The seals of 45 states and 3 territories are on the eight stained glass windows in the Main Reading Room of the Library of Congress
The domed ceiling is 160 feet from the floor below.
There are 236 desks in the main reading room.

The overlook to the main reading room is completely enclosed.


To view more pictures from this trip visit the 2017 Washington D.C. Summary Page.

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