Book Review: Twinderella, A Fractioned Fairy Tale

Twinderella, A Fractioned Fairy Tale by Corey Rosen Schwartz

Have you heard the story of Cinderella? Well, you don’t know the half of it.

Cinderella had a twin sister, Twinderella. They each did half the housework, half the mending, and half the mean step-sister tending. But when they meet only one prince, what will they do?

The whole story has twice the magic and double the fun!

From the author The Three Ninja Pigs comes the fractioned fairy tale of Cinderella and her less-famous sister.

Daughter’s Reaction

My five-year-old daughter enjoyed the book since she was very familiar with the story of Cinderella. She was happy to learn about her twin sister, Twinderella! Her favorite part of the story was definitely when both sisters got a happy ending.


What I loved most about this book is how math played a big part in it. The twin had to do a lot of chores, but of course, they would split it evenly between them! Everything that they did and received were split into half, so the readers can count all the items and see how each side had half the amount.

The story itself is written in rhyme, which I loved. The illustrations also played a big part in bringing the story to life. Although Cinderella and Twinderella were twins, you can tell they were different and had their own personalities just by their choices of clothing and they way they did their hair. Even though this is a classic story, I greatly appreciate how the characters resemble average people like you and me rather than members of royalty with fancy clothing. As an added bonus, the book also comes with a big poster of the book cover with the adorable slogan, “Master MATH to live happily ever HALF-ter!” I greatly recommend this book to children who enjoy fairy tales, numbers, and a good story.


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