Tokyo Disney Resort Pictures

Tokyo Disneyland – Pictures from Tuesday 4/17

Here are some random pictures as I roamed Tokyo Disneyland today.

20180417 152730 wm
World Bazaar is decorated for the Tokyo Disneyland 35th Anniversary Celebration
20180417 094139 wm
it’s a small world returned from renovation officially on Sunday. The wait was 30 minutes so I said I would stop back later, then it went down, so still have not ridden.
20180417 095045 wm
Only a 13 minute wait for the Haunted Mansion
20180417 095050 wm
Haunted Mansion
20180417 101349 wm
Big Thunder stand by queue stretches to the center of Westernland, only 30 minutes according to the cast members.
20180417 151959 wm
After a late lunch the rain started to fall as we walked back to Tokyo Disneyland.
20180417 153442 wm 1
Tokyo Disneyland waits at 3:30pm
20180417 163905 wm
Spotted Adventureland
20180417 165517 wm 1
Leaving a soggy Tokyo Disneyland to dry out before the evening.
20180417 165643 wm
35th Anniversary Resort Liner

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