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Disneyland New Parking Structure Construction Pictures (5/11)

A new parking structure is being built on the former Pinocchio Parking lot adjacent to the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure with a projected opening in 2019. For more pictures be sure to visit our full Disneyland Picture Set. For pictures of this project from past weeks be sure to visit the Disneyland Construction Progress Section

Here is a video overview of the site:

This week I was directed into a spot at the very end of a row so starting my look at the project on the far side of the site, nearest Walnut St, furthest from Disneyland Drive.  They have started to do some digging out here.

Looking across the site back toward the tram area (which is behind the wall)

Sprinklers stretched out but not on.

No real change with the survey markers.

A slightly different angle.

Not a lot of activity this afternoon.  Almost all the equipment parked near the tram area.

Forms are now on site as they prepare to start vertical construction.

Along Magic Way they are boxing up the tall trees that acted as a wind break and visual barrier for the parking lot.

Part of the Lilo parking lot has become a staging area for the project.  Here crews are assembling the forms we saw stacked near the structure.  Also construction trailers are located here for the project.


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Here are videos from previous trips:

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