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WDW: Walking to Disney’s Hollywood Studios from Epcot Resorts (Pictures)

The walk from the Epcot Resorts to Disney’s Hollywood Studios travels along the water way the Friendship Boats take but now due to construction instead of staying along the shore of water it turns and snakes through corridor of construction fences then through the bus stops and another set of construction fences before finally reaching the park. Due to the work and path the walk is slightly longer than before both in distance and time thanks to the crowding, especially at park closing.  As my week at Walt Disney World came to an end it appeared they were close to opening a new section of walkway to make this walk slightly better.  Here are some pictures from my first walk to the park on Tuesday December 3, 2018.  The new Bus stops and walking path look to be opening in early 2019.  The Disney Skyliner is scheduled to open later in 2019.

IMG 0012
As you walk along the water the first set of fences is on your left for the Disney Skyliner turn station. This will be the Epcot line that runs to the Riviera and ends at the Caribbean Beach Resort.
IMG 0009
Looking under overpass for Buena Vista Drive as I continued toward the park. No change in this part of the trip.
IMG 0020
Across the lake you can see the entrance to the park. The original path followed the water most of the way there.
IMG 0026
A closer look
IMG 0024
Here you can see construction walls have blocked the original path. So instead of continuing along the water you are forced to turn to the left and walk through a series of construction fences.
IMG 0027
Here you can see some of the corridor as I approach it.
IMG 0029
Making my way into it.

IMG 0030

IMG 0031
There are signs along the walkway. You have no real choice of direction.. either continue forward or turn around but I guess it reassures you that you are taking the correct path even though you are walking away from the entrance at this point.
IMG 0032
You pass through the temporary bus stop area. At this hour of the morning it is a pleasant walk. At park closing this is a traffic jam. These two stops furthest from the park are Art of Animation and Pop Century so there are a lot of guests out here.
IMG 0035
Overhead Skyliner towers
IMG 0037
Disney Skyliner towers heading off toward Caribbean Beach Resort for the Studio line.
IMG 0038
Temporary signs to help you find your bus stop.
IMG 0036
Now that you have merged with the bus guests you enter another corridor of construction fences.
IMG 0039
This is a wider one but at night is wall to wall guests.
IMG 0043
Handicap parking comes up on your left as you continue walking.
20181204 075343
On your right is construction for the new permanent bus stops.
20181204 080018
It looks like they have a second set of walls up around the stations and this wider walkway will be opening soon.

20181204 080126

20181204 080144
A new restroom building nearing completion.
20181204 080212
The Disney Skyliner station

20181204 080445

IMG 0049
A look at where I walked from.
20181204 080702
Security and the entrance have not changed yet.. but eventually the security area will be redone/expanded.


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