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Cinderella – Walt Disney Signature Release – My 1st Impressions

Walt Disney’s Classic Cinderella turns 70 in February and has recently been added to the National Film Registry.  To celebrate these two milestones a Walt Disney Signature Collection edition is now available digitally and on disc Tuesday.     Being added to the National Film Registry is an honor only about 750 other films can claim.   There are several other Disney films on this prestigious list including –  Steamboat Willie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, and Fantasia.

I was sent the Blu-ray package which included the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital copy of the film to review.   This release only includes two new bonus features.  In Walt’s Words: Enhanced Edition and Try This Trivia on for Size.    The rest of the bonus features are drawn primarily from the previous Blu-ray release  seven years ago and some from the 2005 DVD release.  These include an introduction by Diane Disney Miller, Making Of, Concept Art as well as a Featurette looking at the new Fantasyland construction at Walt Disney World.    I enjoyed revisiting the classic bonus features, especially the construction look at WDW’s Fantasyland.    This release includes a good number of features from the previous two but not all over them.      Also included is the short Frozen Fever, which was released in theaters with the live action version of the film.   For a complete listing of bonus features and details on the release here is the full press release.

The Try This Trivia on for Size featurette is about 5 minutes long and features some factoids and trivia from the film presented by a couple of Disney Channel stars.  I did not glean anything too new or interesting from the piece, but if you are a younger demographic and know the two hosts you may enjoy it.  The primary new addition in this release is the in Walt’s Words piece.  This runs the full length of the film and features a insights into the creation of the film.  It features a dramatic reading of notes from story meetings and other archival material.  Accompanying the film are stills from the live action reference as well as concept art and visuals.   The material is more a narrative of the film and pointing out details and some decisions vs a true discussion.  It was interesting in some parts, the visuals were more compelling than the narrative to me.  You did not learn a lot of the why, it was more a telling of the what if that makes sense.

Overall I felt that for the 70th anniversary and a major honor to be on the National Film Registry the offerings fell short. I would have liked to have had at least one retrospective piece.  Also maybe a look at the film from an international standpoint?     Or something on the live action or even TV versions of the film.  It just seemed to be lacking anything specific to the two milestones and more a routine release.

If you are looking to build out your digital library or you do not own any recent releases this offering of Cinderella should be on your list to consider.  If you are looking for some new bonus features or a compelling featurette to justify purchasing another copy of the film this release may fall short for you with a rather thin set of offerings.

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