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Video Finds: Tokyo Disneyland Skyway

The Tokyo Disneyland Skyway traveled from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland.  It  was an opening day (April 15, 1983) attraction and closed on November 3, 1998.  I did not visit the park until many years after it closed so I have no first hand knowledge of the attraction.  It appears to be the shortest of the Disney Skyways in terms of travel distance and interesting that the gondolas were enclosed unlike the stateside parks.   Here are some videos I found on YouTube of the experience:

First up a look in 1995.  You will see the construction of Mickey’s Toontown that opened in April 1996, about 14 months after this video –

A look at the Fantasyland station then ride aboard the Skyway –

This video includes a clip from onboard as well as a look from the ground at the route –

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