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Book Review: Frozen 2 – Bruni’s Big Adventure

Due to the on-going pandemic, I have my two daughters (ages 4 & 8 years old) at home, doing distance learning combined with homeschooling while I am balancing working from home. We enjoy discovering new books to read and discuss. I have received several Disney Books from my Fall Homeschool Reading List and will be sharing reviews of them. Here is my Fall 2020 Children’s Disney Book list.

Frozen 2: Bruni’s Big AdventureFrozen 2: Bruni’s Big Adventure is a beautifully illustrated picture book that takes place after Frozen 2. In this book, you can discover what Olaf and his friend Bruni are up to in the Enchanted Forest. Are they behaving under Elsa’s watchful eye, or are they running wild and breaking out on their own?

Daughters’ Reaction

I read this book to my daughters and they both loved the story. My older daughter was gushing over how cute and adorable the illustrations were, especially the facial expressions of Bruni. My younger one enjoyed re-telling me her version of the story from all the pictures of the pages. They are both very familiar with all the characters, so they help to keep them engaged with the story.


Frozen 2: Bruni’s Big Adventure is an adorable picture book. I enjoyed the short story of Bruni and Olaf’s adventure in the Enchanted Forest. Bruni is the Fire Spirit, but every since Elsa introduced him to snow, he has been fascinated by it. He followed Olaf into the forest and started copying everything he did because he loved snow so much. It is a cute story, but I really love the illustrations for it which were bold, colorful, and playful drawings. This book makes a great gift for a child between the ages of 3 – 5 with an easy-to-follow storyline and fun artwork to explore.

This book is written by Suzanne Francis and illustrated by Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay, an artist at the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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