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Pictures: A Christmas Fantasy Parade

The Holiday season is underway at the Disneyland Resort starting today and running through January 9th. A Christmas Fantasy Parade is scheduled to make its way through Disneyland at 3:00pm and 5:30pm most days (be sure to check the official park schedule to confirm for the day of your visit). This Disneyland staple first premiered for the 1995 season and over the years has evolved slightly but is fundamentally the same parade. “A Christmas Fantasy” Parade is the longest-running holiday parade in Disneyland history (26 years). The parade has 115 performers, including 17elves, eight reindeer, eight snowmen and six gingerbread cookies. There are seven units comprised of 16 floats, including two stand-alone Christmas trees and one “Humdinger” wind-up toy car.

Below are some cell phone pictures from the first parade of the season, for more pictures be sure to check out my full picture set from this visit, which will be posted this weekend.

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wp 1636759511519

wp 1636759511507

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wp 1636759511532

wp 1636759511513

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wp 1636759704475

wp 1636759704489

wp 1636759704482

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wp 1636759985951

wp 1636759985945

wp 1636759985937

wp 1636759985925

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wp 1636760271073

wp 1636760271053

wp 1636760271086

wp 1636760271078

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wp 1636761873022

wp 1636761873031

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