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Pictures & Video: Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession (2022)

Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession travels from Paradise Gardens to the Obelisk and back several times a day during the Lunar New Year festival at Disney’s California Adventure

Here are some cell phone video pictures of the 1:30 Procession on opening day.

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wp 1642802202556

wp 1642802202563

wp 1642802202570

wp 1642802202576

wp 1642802239761

wp 1642802202583

wp 1642802239769

wp 1642802239781

The Procession turns around at the Obelisk and travels back up the parade route.

wp 1642802260754

wp 1642802260762

wp 1642802260770

wp 1642802260775

wp 1642802273264

wp 1642802273279

wp 1642802273289

wp 1642802239775

wp 1642802273295

Here isĀ  video of the 5:45pm procession including the turn around:



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