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Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Events for FY 2023

Exciting Offerings Coming to Tokyo Disneyland® and Tokyo DisneySea® in Fiscal Year 2023

URAYASU, CHIBA— Tokyo Disney Resort® announced the annual schedule for Tokyo Disneyland Park and Tokyo DisneySea Park for fiscal year 2023 (April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024). The two Parks will continue to offer guests distinctive, Disney-style experiences throughout the year with a variety of new entertainment, special events and programs. Please see below for more details.

April 15, 2023 – March 31, 2024
Anniversary Event at Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo DisneySea
“Tokyo Disney Resort 40th ‘Dream-Go-Round’”
The anniversary event, “Tokyo Disney Resort 40th ‘Dream-Go-Round’” will be held from the Resort’s 40th anniversary on April 15, 2023 through March 31, 2024.

TokyoDisneyland Dream-Go-Round
Concept image of “Tokyo Disney Resort 40th ‘Dream-Go-Round’”

Countless happy moments have been created alongside guests at Tokyo Disney Resort, “Where Dreams Come True.” The 40th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort will be a special year for everyone, as the colorful dreams of guests, Cast Members and Disney friends alike join together in celebration.

At Tokyo Disneyland, the anniversary event kicks off with the premiere of a new daytime parade, “Disney Harmony in Color.” Entering a harmonious world of vibrant colors, guests will first be greeted by Tinker Bell as the parade opens, followed by many other delightful character friends from popular Walt Disney Animation Studios films such as Zootopia, Moana and Wreck-It Ralph, and Disney and Pixar films like Coco, appearing on colorful floats full of fun. In the finale, Mickey Mouse and his friends appear, inviting guests to a world of colors and harmony.

Furthermore, the two Parks will feature entertainment programs as well as special merchandise and menu items to enhance the 40th anniversary atmosphere. Cinderella Castle and World Bazaar at Tokyo Disneyland, and the entrance to Tokyo DisneySea, will be adorned with special decorations, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Resort.

  • “Dreaming Up!”, currently presented at Tokyo Disneyland, will end on April 9, 2023.

  • “Disney Harmony in Color” is presented by NTT DOCOMO, Inc.

July 4 – September 6, 2023
Summer Program at Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo DisneySea
Tokyo Disneyland will present a refreshingly cool summer program for a limited period. Again this year, guests will be able to enjoy “Splash Mountain ‘Get Wet MAX,’” a special version of the attraction, while Toontown will be transformed into the brand- new special version “‘Get Wet’ Toontown,” which will have an area for children to enjoy playing with water.
Over at Tokyo DisneySea for a limited period, Duffy and Friends will greet guests from a boat on the waters of Mediterranean Harbor.

  • Splash Mountain is presented by Kao Corporation.

  • Toontown is presented by Kodansha Ltd.

Tokyo Disneyland - “Disney Halloween”
Tokyo Disneyland – “Disney Halloween”

September 15 – October 31, 2023
Special Event at Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo DisneySea
“Disney Halloween”
The special event, “Disney Halloween,will be offered at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Guests will be able to enjoy the different Halloween atmospheres at each Park.

November 8 – December 25, 2023
Special Event at Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo DisneySea
“Disney Christmas”
Both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea will celebrate Christmas this year with the special event “Disney Christmas.During the event period, guests can enjoy a unique Disney-style Christmas at each Park.

January 1 – 8, 2024
New Year’s Special Event at Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo DisneySea
Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea will hold a special event that can only be experienced during the New Year period. The Disney friends dressed in colorful kimono will greet guests, and Japanese-style New Year’s decorations will adorn the entrances at both Parks


  • Titles, contents, and dates are subject to change.

  • Tokyo Disney Resort will continue to give top priority to the health and safety of our guests and cast members in our Park operations.

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