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Alice’s Wonderland Bakery Unbirthday Party Experience

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My family and I experienced our first “Food and Wine Festival” at Disney California Adventure last weekend and had a great time. The most memorable part of the day was being able to participate in “Alice’s Wonderland Bakery Unbirthday Party.” This is a special event during the Food and Wine festival.

We walked by Hollywood Land and caught the tail end of the 1:40pm showing. My daughters were really excited when they saw the other kids decorating cupcakes. So we hung out in Hollywood Land and tried some foods at the Studio Catering Co. snack truck while we waited for the next show at 2:40pm. We got in line (which had about 8 kids in it already) at around 2:10pm and they gave my kids a wristband at 2:15pm. By 2:25pm, the kids were working with the cast members to get their hats and instructions for the cupcake decorating session. By that time, I was able to find a seat in front of the stage to sit and relax for the next 20 minutes.

The show on stage starts with the baker calling Alice and telling her about all the bakers in her bakery. The kids are instructed to decorate their cupcake any way they want. Minnie Mouse is a special guest who comes out on stage for a few minutes toward the end of the show. My daughters seem to really enjoyed participating in the show, especially since it involved sprinkles!

Overview and Tips

  • There are three showings a day — 12:50pm, 1:40pm and 2:40pm, but check the signage by the stage in case there are changes.
  • I advise arriving 20-30 minutes before a show and have your kids get in line to guarantee a spot for decorating cupcakes.
  • Want those great photos of the kids? Try to get a seat on a bench in the first row for photo opportunities. Have one adult find a seat while the cast members set the kids up with their hats.
  • Kids from 3 – 12 are able to participate, however, if your little one is 5 or under, I recommend having a sibling with them during the show.


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