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Pictures: Haunted Mansion Renovation Work & Final Visit for the Season

Haunted Mansion Holiday is still in operation through Sunday, then the attraction closes for several months for a number of renovation projects including a new queue, gift shop and accessibility elevator.   As of Friday much of the former queue including the switchbacks and former FastPass distribution area were behind walls and being demolished.   Due to this a different queue than normal was in use.   Lightning Lane returns were walking right up to the stairs and merging before entering the foyer.   Standby wrapped around the portion of the park that was still available and then followed the wall to the mansion gates.  Once on the grounds it followed the normal path but instead of heading to the switchbacks along the berm you wrapped back and then snaked up the steps, along the side of the house, through a switchback and then back to the doorway to merge with LL return guests.  Here are some pictures of the queue then from my final ride through of this season.

2024 01 19 IMG 0571

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wp 17057183607237459518679755750170

2024 01 19 IMG 0574

wp 17057183607563424157852651572714

wp 17057183607931338458047015425621

wp 17057183608274826234492108211839

2024 01 19 IMG 0580

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2024 01 19 IMG 0584

2024 01 19 131212

2024 01 19 131226

2024 01 19 131229

2024 01 19 131356

2024 01 19 IMG 0586


Now some pictures from my ride through:
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wp 17057183609189154793501021561878

wp 1705718360938519905806590975759

wp 17057183609668487179467589852135

wp 17057183609891642287533480322823

wp 17057183610123500909910427366898

wp 1705718361035985053191708205928

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