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Lạc Hồng Performing Arts Group Performs at the Grand Californian Hotel for Lunar New Year (2/18/24)

This year, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel is celebrating the Lunar New Year with a large dragon kite, dolls in traditional outfits, and guest performing groups. I stopped by the hotel lobby for the 5:30pm show and was pleasantly surprised to see a Vietnamese musical group performing. Their name was Lạc Hồng Performing Arts Group, a group of talented Vietnamese musicians from Westminster, California.

The mission of the Lạc Hồng Performing Arts Group is to preserve, develop, and reinvent Vietnamese traditional music and arts. I really enjoyed listening to their performance as it brought back so many familiar sounds from my childhood. The music they played were traditional Vietnamese folk songs that I would hear often growing up. It was quite stunning to see the various instruments of Vietnam up close as well.

Some traditional Vietnamese instruments that were used in the performance were:

  • đàn tranh (16 strings) – A plucked instrument of the zither family
  • đàn tỳ bà – A four-stringed lute shaped like a pear
  • trống đại, trống lễ and trống đế – large, medium, and small drums
  • sáo – A flute that is played horizontally and has six holes, with a seventh to create vibration.

Enjoy some photos and videos of Lạc Hồng Performing Arts Group’s performances from the 5:30pm 2/18/2024 show below.

Photo Gallery

lachong group1

Videos of Musical Performances

Một Mẹ Trăm Con – One Mother with Hundred Children
This song describes how the world was created.

Hồn Quê – Country Soul
This song describes the old memories of living in beautiful Vietnam.

Lối Về Xóm Nhỏ – The Way to the Small Village
This song describes the journey back to the country side of a small village.

Khúc Hát Ân Tình – Love Song
This song describes the love story of a Northerner and Southerner.


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