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Daynah’s LEGO Make and Take Event Experience @ Downtown Disney

My family and I were in Downtown Disney on Friday May 17th and noticed that the LEGO store had a make and take event. We love playing with LEGO, so we hopped into line to participate. The LEGO store event staff were very friendly and you can tell how passionate they were about LEGO. The handed out stickers to everyone in line and my daughters took turns building a UFO spaceship.

Hunter showed me the other creative LEGO projects he worked on. The churro looks very realistic and if you ask the 8 Ball a question, it could make its predictions! You also have to love the LEGO accessories he wore — the mustache, bow tie, and fancy name tag.

My family had a great time making the UFO project and talking with other Lego enthusiasts. Below are some photos from the event.


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  • Love Hunter’s enthusiasm for LEGO!


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