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Pictures: Tiana’s Bayou Adventure @ Disneyland – Project Status (6/28/24)

Checking in on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure construction site at Disneyland today. The attraction is scheduled to open later this year, but no date has been announced yet. Here are some pictures –wp 17196222870066266926564212183357wp 17196222868014038530413397599523wp 17196222868956805494230630224565wp 17196222868441216547820678354399


wp 1719622286725874804942046823441

wp 17196222869502143617996098229541

wp 17196222872722542953262535405621

wp 17196222872286137501976854178127

wp 1719622286725874804942046823441 1

wp 17196222869502143617996098229541 1

wp 17196222870601186814195252065192

wp 17196222871303298965155239052683

wp 17196222871816658296981163892179

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