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Pictures & Video Clip: The Little Mermaid at Disney California Adventure

We were in the area and curious if the 15 min stand by wait time was accurate, it looked longer, so we hopped in line for the Little Mermaid at Disney California Adventure. It turned out to be more or less correct, but you have to walk quite a ways through the extended queue. Here are some pictures of the queue and then from the ride. We were stopped for several minutes on the down slope heading under the sea near the beginning I included a video clip of the loop we watched over and over…

2024 06 28 IMG 0897

The wait ahead of us.

The queue went through the extended queue area and out to the walkway then back.

My view for several minutes...

2024 06 28 IMG 0910

The Pizza Planet Truck

2024 06 28 143634

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