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Daynah’s Experience & Tips to Visiting Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea

Stickers with exclusive designsFantasy Springs is the 8th and all-new theme port of Tokyo DisneySea, inspired by Walt Disney Animation Studios films, “Frozen,” “Tangled” and “Peter Pan.” Within this port are 4 new attractions and 5 restaurants.

My family and I were in Japan on vacation and one of our goals was to visit Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea. It had only been opened for two weeks, so we knew our chances to visiting the new port and experience everything it had to offer would be slim. With a little bit of planning, some strategy, and a lot of luck, we accomplished most of our mission! We visited the park as a regular day guest, without purchasing a Disney Vacation Package.

What You Need To Know Before Going to Fantasy Springs

  • Download the Official Tokyo Disney Resort App  This is the single most important thing you need to do if you plan to have a smooth day at the Tokyo Disney Parks. Their is an English version of the app available in the Apple Store and Google Play. Once installed, sign in with your myDisney account and link up your party’s park tickets in the app. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the app before heading into the parks. Also, add your credit card information if it is not there yet. This will allow you to quickly purchase a “Disney Premier Access” pass if you desire to.
  • Plan to be in line at DisneySea entrance before Park Opening
    When we went the posted opening time was 9am.  The Tokyo parks routinely open well before the posted time though.  We had seen the days leading up to our visit they opened approximately 8:15am.   If you are staying at any of the Bayside hotels, my advice is to plan to board the first monorail, which is approximately 6:30am.
  • Check Weather and Bring Essentials
    It rains a lot in Japan, even in the summer, so be sure to check the weather first.  Hats, sun umbrellas, sun block, a personal fan, and perhaps a seating mat are good ideas for a hot day. For a rainy summer day, pack umbrellas, rain coats, rain boots, etc. Also pack a light breakfast or snacks so you have a boost of energy once the park opens.
  • disneysea fantasysprings sign
    Fantasy Springs Entrance Restrictions

    Disney Premier Access and Standby Pass
    Currently to access Fantasy Springs there are four ways to access the land.  First is to be staying at the Fantasy Springs Hotel. Second is a vacation package that includes entry.  Your other two options are to get a Disney Premier Access or Standby Pass for at least one of the four new attractions through the Tokyo Disney Resort App. There is a limited number of virtual spots for each attraction each day and they sell out quickly, many days they were selling out within an hour of the gates opening.  You can only request these passes once you are scanned into the park, so the earlier you get into the park, the higher your chances are for selecting the option of your choice.

    Disney Premier Access is a fee-based service that allow you to select designated times to be admitted to and enjoy certain experiences with a shorter wait time.

    Standby Pass is a free service that allows you to enter the queue for the venue at the return time of the Standby Pass.

    Attraction Disney Premier Access Standby Pass
    Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey Available for 2,000 yen per access Included in Admission
    Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival Available for 2,000 yen per access Included in Admission
    Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure Available for 2,000 yen per access Included in Admission
    Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies Not Available Included in Admission

Our Experience

My family and I arrived at DisneySea at 7:15am on Monday, June 24th, 2024. We had intended to catch the first monorail, but it was difficult with two young kids. Not to worry, the lines did not look that bad when we got there because I have seen it a lot worse. Also, since this was the third week since Fantasy Springs opened up, the lines have subsided a bit it seems. Most of the guests were sitting on mats and entertaining themselves in line.

The weather was forecasted to be hot and it delivered. By 7:20am, the heat of the sun was very strong. I highly recommend a hat or sun umbrella for these kinds of days. At 7:30am, everyone stood up and the line moved forward, a lot! I could feel the excitement at this moment. Around 8:09am, the line was moving, which meant that the gates were opening early!

I was scanned in the park at 8:30am, and that was when the real challenge and luck begins! My husband and I both had the app on our phones so we could both make requests for our group. I was able to get Standby Passes for Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure at 10:10am! My husband checked the DPA link and two of the rides were already unavailable for Disney Premier Access by 8:31am. The Peter Pan was available but I told him I already got tickets for those! So we started booking other activities for our day using the 40th Anniversary Priority Pass and Entry Request as well. I was able to get tickets for the “Big Band Beat – A Special Treat” show at 2pm. I was also able to mobile order lunch at the Royal Banquet of Arendelle in Fantasy Springs.
If at first you do not succeed keep checking the app.  Options open throughout the day due to cancellations, changes, or additional capacity added.  At 8:45am, Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival was showing available for Disney Premier Access, so we purchase two tickets for myself and my younger daughter.

At 10:15am, I was able to snag Standby Passes for my entire family for Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies for 5:30pm. This worked out so well since we would have to leave Fantasy Springs for the Big Band Beat show, but would be able to come back in the evening for the third ride.


Our experience entering Fantasy Springs turned out so much better than I had anticipated. My goal was to just enter Fantasy Springs to see all the beautiful scenery and atmosphere and experience one of the new attractions. I feel absolutely lucky be able to experience 3 out of the 4 of them! We will save the “Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey” experience for our next trip to Japan. That will definitely be something to look forward to. Anna and Elsa did welcome us into their home and we got to experience a wonderful and delicious meal at the Royal Banquet of Arendelle. I had quite a magical day being transported into another world and I cannot wait to come back again!

Editor’s Note: Daynah will be sharing a series of posts from this visit.  More to come soon. If you have any questions or requests drop us an email.

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