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Daynah’s Experience: Royal Banquet of Arendelle in Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

disneysea banquet lunch My family and I were on vacation in Japan and one of our goals was to visit Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea. We managed to secure a Standby Pass for “Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure” which allowed us to enter the new port! In my earlier post – Daynah’s Experience & Tips to Visiting Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea – I detail my entry experience.

Once we got our Standby Pass for “Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure,” we started planning the rest of our day in the Tokyo Disney app. We looked at the menus for the restaurants in Fantasy Springs and thought the “Royal Banquet of Arendelle” sounded fun and unique. So we placed a mobile order for the family for lunch. Our pick-up time was at 11:20am. This worked out to be a great time.  We were able to experience Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure then explore Fantasy Springs before our pick up.

Around 11am, we strolled into Arendelle and the entire area looked amazing. You can see “Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey” in the far distance, the restaurant to the right, and the Arendelle town on the left, outside of the Arendelle gates.

For the first time in forever, the castle gates were opened and all was invited to the “Royal Banquet of Arendelle.” This is a counter service restaurant located right inside Arendelle Castle. As we entered the restaurant, it was exactly what we would have expected if we walked right into the scenes of the Frozen movies! You want to take your time walking around to observe every single detail.

From the paintings on the walls, up to the intricate details on the ceilings, and then to the elaborate decorations all around, we truly felt like we were transported into Anna and Elsa’s world.

We picked up our mobile order at the counter and brought our trays to the far left of the royal kitchen to pick up our utensils. This kitchen area is decorated with lovely desserts, and of course, chocolates, along with probably eight thousand salad plates in the cupboard.

It was a lot of fun looking for a table that would seat four. The banquet hall had air conditioning, so it was packed and made finding a seat a little difficult. We walked through all three dining areas within the castle, hoping someone would leave soon. I really enjoyed how each room evoked scenes from the movies. The attention to details is just spectacular. The first room was the Main Hall with beautiful vaulted ceilings and a photo op of Elsa’s royal throne. The second room was the Portrait Room, where Anna talks to the paintings and pictures. In this room, they added so many more portraits to show their expanded family. We found a table in the last room, the castle’s library, which had a portrait of King Agnarr’s coronation hanging on the wall. There were also many seats in the covered outdoor dining area with views of distant Norwegian fjord cliffs and mountains, but with the heatwave, we opted to eat indoors. The restaurant seats a total of 570 guests.

We mobile ordered these items:

  • Souvenir Lunch Mat ¥900
    This is 15×12″ cloth placemat with an overview image of the three stories that inspired Fantasy Springs – Frozen, Peter Pan, and Tangled on the front, and images of various Disney characters on the back. I think this placemat makes a wonderful souvenir and is easy to pack to take home. I rolled it up and put it in my backpack while in the park. Once I got the hotel, I unfolded it and put it flat at the bottom of my suitcase.
  • Souvenir Spoon and Fork ¥1,900
    This is a very lovely spoon and fork set. There is an image of Anna in her green dress on the spoon, and an image of Elsa in her Coronation dress on the fork.
  • Arendelle’s Royal Set (Beef) ¥3,500
    This set came with a Smoked Salmon Trout and Orange Salad, Potato Gratin, Beef Pot Pie, Bread, Olaf’s Marshmallow-Chocolate Mousse, and a choice of soft drink.
  • Arendelle’s Royal Set (Seafood) ¥3,500
    This set came with a Smoked Salmon Trout and Orange Salad, Potato Gratin, Lobster and Redfish Pot Pie, Bread, Olaf’s Marshmallow-Chocolate Mousse, and a choice of soft drink, which is similar to the set above, except for the pot pie.
  • Arendelle’s Royal Kids’ Sets ¥2,000
    We ordered two of these sets, one for each of our kids. It came with Meatball Stew, Broccoli, Cherry Tomato, Potato Salad, Smoked Salmon Trout and Orange Salad, Fruit Jellied Dessert, Rice Bread, and Apple Juice.

When we picked up our mobile order, we can clearly see that our food was prepared with so much care. Each set was covered with a plastic to keep the food clean and safe, and allowed us to stack the trays on top of one another without worrying that food will stick to another set. The presentation of the food was very appealing to the eyes too. Each dish was plated nicely with extra details on the desserts and bread.

We all really enjoyed the Beef and Lobster and Redfish Pot Pies. The funny thing is, the kids opted to eat the pot pies over their meatball stew. The rice bread was so soft and fluffy and very delicious; we wished we could buy more of it. Smoked Salmon Trout and Orange Salad was very yummy as well. I got three servings of it since my kids avoided it. The Olaf’s Marshmallow-Chocolate Mousse was very scrumptious — the top of it was mochi with a hint of lemon flavor in the middle. The kids devoured that very quickly. Overall, the meals were wonderful — very healthy and filling. We had skipped breakfast, so it really hit the spot. We would absolutely come back to the Royal Banquet of Arendelle again when we are in town!

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