Videos of note from this week…

Before we get to the videos wanted to point out that the Country Bear Jamboree opened at Disneyland on this date in 1972… how I miss the bears… luckily you can still visit them in Orlando!

Here are some interesting/noteworthy videos I have stumbled across this week on the web:

First look at the upcoming Disney Nature film African Cats:

Here is one that I thought was an extremely creative way to showcase the parks. They took a series of still images, over 5,000, and then assembled them into a stop motion video and added a soundtrack. It offers a great tour of EPCOT!

Now a couple from the Disney Parks Channel

First up a look in at the progress of Aulani:

Next up an interview with Bob Iger kicking off a new ‘Destination: Disney’ Series:

To close with a couple new ones from our friends at D23:
D23’s Armchair Archivist — March 22, 2011: This episode features Dave Smith and takes a look at Mickey merchandise.. how many items do you have??

D23’s Disney Geek — March 23, 2011

If you come across any interesting video finds feel free to send them along!

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