Guest Bands / Video Catch-up… Voices of Liberty, Goofy, and Little Mermaid

Anyone going to the park this week? The parks blog posted that the US Coast Guard Academy band will be at DCA on Thursday afternoon at 4pm and there was a special performance of an Air National Guard band earlier today. If anyone went and has pictures or video drop us a line, always interested in sharing guest bands

Saw on the Disneyland Twitter feed that they have made it official Engineer Toys will be closed August 1st to make way for the next phase of Buena Vista Street work.

A new video looking at Orlando’s version of the Little Mermaid attraction. Note the ride itself is going to be an exact copy but the queue and exterior will be completely different.

While talking about Orlando also saw on several sites that they have cut the Monorail hours of operation. It will now operate 1 hour past regular park closing time. So that means no more Magic Hour service. Instead you will have to take the bus or a boat back to your resort. Wonder how this will go over with those staying at the Deluxe Resorts on the Monorail line… I am guessing Disney has conducted surveys and it impacts a small percentage of guests at those resorts or it is something they are willing to live with.

A fun video looking at Goofy and his flight school.

Two great Voice of Liberty videos from the Parks Channel:

The Star Spangled Banner

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