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Disney Earnings Call & D23 Expo Thoughts

Hello all,

Probably last thing you want to do if you own Disney stock is think about it right now.. it has been a rough couple of weeks and today was no exception (it closed down nearly 10%). Yesterday was the third quarter earnings release and conference call. I always find these interesting to listen to and/or read the transcript of. You can get some insight into the corporate side of the company and how that relates.

Here is a link to the audio replay
And here a link to the transcript

I am sure you are like the rest of disneygeeks and have been following all the D23 Expo announcements and trying to piece it all together. If you missed any announcements you can always check out our D23 section at I believe the final schedule and app is supposed to be released this Friday. In the meantime they have updated the online schedule with more information. I was a little disappointed that a couple of the sessions I want to attend overlap and I am curious if they are going to have more overflow space this time around. It sure sounds like the rooms are on the small side again. The tough choicest for me is the Pixar Creative team panel (which I am assuming will be a mob scene) and the Buena Vista Street preview. I really want to see both!! Also surprised that the Dick Van Dyke performance is not going to be in the Arena.. maybe they will move things around. What are you all looking forward to?

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