Question: Radiator Springs Racers – Tire Effect

I had a request come in for a picture of the Tire Effect on the Radiator Springs Racers. In this scene your car pulls into Luigi’s Casa Della Tires and on your left is a mirror that shows your car (1st picture below). The curtain closes the car bounces around a bit as your tires are “changed” by Guido, who is on the right of the car as you enter, then the curtain opens again and it reveals white walls on your tires (2nd picture). It is a fun effect effect. I realized I did not have any really good pictures. The two below are stills from my video of the ride through. Since I did single rider most of the time I was on the other side of the car so no clear pictures.

A look at your car tires before the pit stop…
A look at your car tires after the pit stop…

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