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Walt Disney World Day 1 – Summary & Video Clips

Thank you to all who were following along today as I roamed Walt Disney World. It was a great first day, nearly perfect weather and light crowds at the parks. This trip I am going to try and post a quick summary and trip log each day. I will still do the full thoughts/observations and pictures once I return home just as I have always done. Depending on the time available I will try to include some video or maybe a picture or two also.

Trip Log from today:

Started off this WDW arriving as the sun was rising. We were about an hour late leaving LAX due to a mechanical problem on the plane. We grabbed some breakfast at the airport then hopped on the Magical Express. We checked into Pop Century and were lucky enough to get a room right away. Dropped the carry ons and were on our way to the parks by 9am. First stop was Epcot. We stopped by Guest Relations first to purchase a Tables in Wonderland card then headed into the park. Grabbed a Fastpass for Test Track and made my way to the Odyssey to exchange my pass for a new RFID enabled one. Due to some complications they issued us a Fastpass for an attraction of our choice. Hung around Future World taking some pictures and then used our Test Track Fastpass. Spent some time exploring the new post show and then wandered around Future World. Made our way over to the Land and used our card for Soarin. Walked onto Living with the Land and then made our way out to World Showcase, past Canada and the United Kingdom and out the International Gateway. Stopped for lunch at the ESPN Club and then hopped on a bus from the Boardwalk to the Animal Kingdom. Noticed Festival of the Lion King was starting in 15 minutes so we hiked that way and made it to the show with a couple minutes to spare. After the show joined the mass heading back to Discovery Island. Was stuck waiting for the Jamin Jungle Parade to end then headed to Harambe. Walked onto the Safari then through Pangani Forest. Listened to the band at the Street Party then walked around the Tree of Life a bit and into Asia. Strolled through the Jungle Trek then out by Everest and around to Dino Land. Decided to call it an early evening and headed for the busses. Took the long way back to Pop Century, went to the Art of Animation and walked around a bit then crossed the bridge to Pop Century. Unpacked a bit and prepared for Day 2.

A video clip of a commercial from Test Track featuring a car I designed:

A look at the Harambe Street Party this afternoon:

A pan around Harambe and more of the Street Party:

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