4 thoughts on “Current Disneyland wait times

  • How would we go about making a lunch reservation? How do we have characters at the dinner?

  • What are the wait times for the month of October Sunday vs. Monday? Is there a place to buy discounted tickets online? If it rains will you be able come the following day at no additional charge?

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    • Jocelyn,

      Thanks for visiting the site. In general wait times on Mondays are substantially less than Sundays due to the fact that kids are in school and locals are at work. I am not that familiar with discount places and I would caution you to be sure to do your homework as there are a lot of scams and illegal ticket sales out there and Disney has been cracking down the last few years in an effort to reduce the problem.

      As for the rain policy.. once you use your ticket you have used it.. no matter the weather or unforseen consequences. Most attractions operate in the rain.. in general Southern California rarely gets rain in October.. more likely issues would be hot dry winds, the Santa Anas that could cause problems with outdoor shows such as World of Color or the Fireworks.

      If you have any additional questions feel free to fire away.



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