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Luminaria – Disney California Adventure’s 1st Christmas show – Pictures & Video from 11/09/01


With the upcoming premiere of World of Color – Winter Dreams on Thursday night thought it would be fun to take a look back at the first Christmas show to take over Paradise Bay. Luminaria was presented the first Holiday season of DCA in 2001 . This show featured some fountains, fireworks, projection barges, and lights. I enjoyed the show but the amount of smoke from the fireworks made it a challenge to see and to breath. You can still hear some of the music in the Wintertime Enchantment moments at Disneyland. The soundtrack was released on a holiday CD and I do find myself listening to it from time to time, I think the exit music is peaceful to listen to while working.

One of the more interesting elements of the show was the incorporation of guest artwork. Throughout the day you could visit the Bay Area and create something and several were used in the show during the projection screen segment.

Some pictures of the preparations as well as the show from November 2001 that I took are available here in our holiday section

Here is a video I took on November 9, 2001 which was opening night. It includes the pre-show announcements as well as post show music. Also some pans around DCA 1.0’s Paradise Pier.

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