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Update – disneygeek.com Disneyland Dining Section now includes menu pictures (Draft 1)

Jolly Holiday Bakery Menu

Today I have made live the first draft/attempt at expanding our Disneyland Guide to include more information on Disneyland Dining and specifically more pictures including those of the menus. Based on feedback via email, Twitter, Facebook and the annual user survey quite a few readers enjoyed the pictures I posted of the menus around the Disneyland Resort. They were taken for another purpose so many are not the best pictures, but I thought it is a good place to start. For version one I used recent images and depending on the response will revisit to re-shoot the really miserable ones as well as add exterior and interior shots to the collection over time. The idea would be to keep the collection going and since there is a date stamp let an archive build up over time.

Please take a few minutes and click through then share your comments below or in an email. I would like to know if this is what everyone envisioned.. thoughts to improve it, etc…

disneygeek.com – Disneyland Resort Dining Section

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